Business Networking in The New Forest

Be the one business from your trade or profession to join.

Our business networking model requires that only one of each trade or profession joins our group, so once you’re a member you automatically lock out your competition, ensuring you get 100% of the business referrals. No more pitching or cold calling, just referrals from local business contacts you already know.

It’s proven that BNI members achieve results, growing their business through a friendly network of individuals all targeted to promote your business. How else would you get people from different industries selling your businesses products or services for you?
It’s a business club. Once you’re a member you’re welcome to attend any BNI meeting or contact any BNI member anywhere in the UK.

Did you know…?

We’re fairly well gender balanced, which is rare in networking!

Our members range from their 20s to their 60s- everyone is welcome.

People buy from people.

BNI works because business works both ways, people give business to people they know, like and trust. BNI requires that every member is targeted with organizing either a 1-2-1 or a referral each week. As a result, you’re encouraged to work as the salesforce for each other’s businesses, it’s mutually beneficial and ensures everyone thrives.
If you can’t organize a 1-2-1 or referral you’re always welcome to invite a visitor, so we never know who’s going to walk through the door from one week to the next, your ideal contact could walk through the door tomorrow or someone in the group might already know them!

What our members say?

  • “It’s networking on steroids!” IFA
  • “Over 50% of our business came through BNI.” Electrician
  • “Business and contacts.” Security Systems
  • “BNI has given me lots of connections, I trust the people, so it was a huge comfort when we first set up.” Lettings Company
  • “Never underestimate who and what people know.” Accountant
  • “£230k business came from one referral.” Caterer
  • “BNI is responsible for 70% of my business.” Utilities
  • “Support, confidence, friends.” Gardening Services
  • “BNI is the best way to get most from contacts.” Design Agency
  • “We focus on each other so it works both ways.” Copywriter